Note:  Jim Dillehay, aka, is the administrator and originator of and, which is located right next to the Midway Museum 

Comedian and FreedomBusker –, is wanting to Jam

with over 1,000 FreedomBuskers in the streets, for the Democratic and Republican National Conventions.

We are inviting Worship Teams (Musicians, Pastors & Believers) from Churches

and Secular musicians (ex:  Beyonce, Bruno Mars, Jay Z, and Cover Bands and fans)

to Busk and dance for Freedom and to encourage our Lawmakers to proclaim June 19th (JuneTeenTh) a National Holiday!           

Heck, we’ll invite Vice-President Biden and his wife, Jill, The Reverend Al Sharpton, President Obama and his lovely wife, Michelle . . . .  and even President Trump and Vice-President Pence and their incredible wives!  If you can’t dance or sing – don’t worry, just bring the Party and your Joyful Attitude!


Here’s one of the songs we will Jam to:



TjJim has his own GoFundMe Campaigns        His two campaigns have goals of $75,000 & $3,000 to travel to San Diego and Jacksonville for the Democratic and Republican Conventions.  He will be one of a thousand FreedomBuskers to perform at a Social Distancing Party at Waterfront Park, San Diego, and at a large park or beach location in Jacksonville, Florida.

But, here’s where you or your group come in . . . . he is encouraging other individuals, bands, and organizations to start their own GoFundMe Campaigns to raise money to attend one or both of these worthy events. 

Now, as of June 25th, 2020, the Democrats are planning on having their convention remotely because of Covid-19.  So, we will plan on shooting a music video on August 19th at 7 p.m San Diego time.  Water Front Park is a big enough area to handle social distancing.  Please bring your masks and Lady Ga Ga type face-shields (Stupid Love Video).

Then, those of you that raise enough money, come join us August 25th to 27 in Jacksonville, Fl.  We will party and jam with over 1,000 in the streets of Jacksonville, Fla.  Maybe, if the good people inside the Convention notice our positive attitude and our Festive Feliz Message of JuneTeenTh, we will get to

Perform for a National Audience!!!

We want all Faiths, Philosophies, and Races, whether you are



Brown or



Please Note:  No Celebrity or Political Figure has yet to commit to this planned event.  We are hoping somebody will get the message to them so they can decide for themselves.  Also, please don’t sue me or my friends for using your famous image.  Just catch our vibe here.

See the Video of “Freedom JuneTeenTh”

The Freedom JuneTeenth Video

Freedom JuneTeenTh was written by Jim Dillehay, aka on June 19,2020


In August 2020 TjJim will be joining other FreedomBuskers at both the Democratic and Republican Conventions.

We will be Jamming the streets and hopefully on their National stages to help motivate and inspire them to petition Congress to make June 19th,




a National Holiday!  We Celebrate Freedom because where there is Freedom, there is Opportunity!


TjJim of first performed this song on June 20th at the “We Pray San Diego” Event that was put on by Pastor Miles McPhearson of Rock Church and attended by thousands.   For 1 hour they simply looked within themselves and prayed.  Thank you!!